One Of Each

Produced and toured nationally by MIKRON THEATRE COMPANY 2015one-of-each-a3-poster-page-001

Storms at sea, saucy secrets and sibling rivalry…

Sir Caspian Delamere is a man on a mission, to find the finest Fish and Chips in Britain. He’s narrowed it down to two seaside vendors – finalists for his GOLDEN FISH-FORK award.

By coincidence The Pickled Egg and The Silver Darling are rival establishments run by twins, Roderick and Annette Whale. Unable to agree on the best way to cook this iconic dish, they went their separate ways years ago, and now they find their food and their philosophies in direct competition for the coveted GOLDEN FISH-FORK.

Which portion will prevail? Rod’s old fashioned, homely style? Or Nettie’s high-tech twist on tradition? Their story is covered by unscrupulous journalist, Meriel Hacker, and she is after a scoop. So what will she do when she hooks a much bigger fish than she ever expected…?

A savoury tale about the British National Dish.

Hot, salty and wrapped in newspaper!

Writer & lyricist : Deborah McAndrew
Composer : Rebekah Hughes
Directed : Chris Honer


‘Mikron’s minimalist study of a British dietary staple is a joy.’

The Observer