Till The Cows Come Home


Produced and toured nationally by MIKRON THEATRE COMPANY 2014

The coolest quest ever undertaken

Harvey Granelli is fed up working for Thistledale Council. He followed his miserable mother into local government, but he has more in common with his Italian father – part-time playboy and one-time ice-cream maker, Romeo.

Inspired by a dream of his long dead dad, Harvey finally finds the courage to follow his heart. But when he whips up a gelato from Papa Granelli’s recipe book it just doesn’t taste the same. Times have changed; the way our food is produced has changed…

Harvey now has a choice. He can make an inferior product, or he can source the very best ingredients and make the finest ice-cream in the world. His quest will take him to the corners of the earth – from Thistledale to Tuscany: from Bridlington to Brazil.

But can Harvey really recreate a taste from the past? Will he return in time to prevent his faithful girlfriend Maud surrendering to the charms of another man? And why is he being followed?

A farm-fresh, full-fat, fair-trade fable about the nation’s favourite food!

Writer & lyricist : Deborah McAndrew
Composer : Conrad Nelson
Musical director : Rebekah Hughes
Directed : Olwen May

The cast of Till The Cows Come Home

The cast of Till The Cows Come Home

… the cream of outdoor summer theatre. Irresistible.’







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