A Government Inspector



Presented by Northern Broadsides in partnership with Harrogate Theatre

Adapted by Deborah McAndrew from the original play by Nikolai Gogol
Directed and Composed by Conrad Nelson


Nikolai Gogol’s biting satire on the corruption in Tsarist Russian public life makes an effortless translation to a small modern day Pennine hill town.


**** The Guardian

**** The Telegraph

**** The Independent …this campy, brassy update is very funny and very relevant. 


Critic heaven: night off at theatre. Harrogate n N’thern Broadsides new produc’n Gogol’s Govt Inspector (+ brass band): sharp, funny, v.v.g CLARE BRENNAN, Observer critic – on Twitter

Four years ago Conrad Nelson and Deborah McAndrew worked together on Accidental Death of an Anarchist and they struck gold. It was a brilliant combination. It is a shame it has taken them so long to work together again – but it has absolutely been worth the wait. YORKSHIRE POST

Updating Gogol’s satire of human greed and relocating it to an obscure Pennine town has such an impact that one wonders why Northern Broadsides has never done it before. THE STAGE


McAndrew is in mischief-making mood. Her sharp and tangy dialogue fizzes along, complemented by Nelson’s typically energetic direction…Nelson’s cast of 12 revels in both the broad physicality and verbal wit of McAndrew’s playful piece. YORK PRESS

If you’re feeling depressed, ask your doctor to write a prescription for a ticket to A Government Inspector. THIS IS GLOUCESTERSHIRE

“He spends the whole time in the pub and pays for everything on expenses – he must be from the Government,” runs one typically whip-sharp line. A hoot. THE TELEGRAPH

…the script awash with wonderful contemporary references to the expenses scandal, Cameron’s ‘Cornish Pasty fiasco’, government’s lack of accountability and abuse of power, and local authorities’ attempts to pull the wool over our eyes make this play seem both truly contemporary and relevant. DIGYORKSHIRE.COM

Adapted with both vigour and sensitivity… a fine production that cares deeply about the message behind its exuberant comedy. BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE


Deborah McAndrew’s tight script weaves in some fantastic current references… but the piece has a timeless quality to it – it could’ve been set any time over the last 40 years and would have been as relevant. **** BACKSTAGEPASS

Bold, bawdy and quite simply brilliant, it is an outstandingly good piece of theatre. Deborah McAndrew’s adaptation is sharp, witty and wonderfully northern. LOVE LEEDS RADIO

Hilarious and up to the minute. THE MUSIC GURU ONLINE


McAndrew elevates Nikolai Gogol’s tale of corrupt officials within a small Russian town to new satirical and geographical heights. BOURNEMOUTH AND SOUTHAMPTON NEWS

The jokes consistently hit the target with the accuracy of Kevin Sinfield’s boot. SOUTHERN DAILY ECHO

Well worth inspecting 
Charles Hutchinson – York Press






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